Advantages Of Using A Consultant For Sales And Marketing Tools

If you use a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) or marketing automation solution, you may have an employee or several employees who manage and maintain them. It is easy to fall into a routine — when was the last time you determined that your sales and marketing people are using the solutions effectively? More often than not, employees will have valuable insight on where there is room for improvement. It is in your best interest to act on any feedback that you receive from your employees. If the solutions are not being utilized properly, time and money will be continually wasted.

Full-Time Staff vs. Consultant

A good example of this is a medium sized software company that has 20+ sales people and 5 marketers. To support these teams the company hired two support staff, one developer and one certified CRM + marketing automation specialist. These employees cost the company over $150k per year in salary alone, not to mention the costs of hiring and benefits that are also incurred with full-time employees.

The ultimate problem for this company was the fact that they were having a hard time getting their sales and marketing staff to use the tools. When we spoke to the support team, they told us that the upper-management directed them on how to set up or modify the solutions. Through analyzing the support staff’s active time, we discovered that in a typical week they only provided about 40 hours of work combined. Additionally, when we asked about their average turnaround time on modifications or adjustments the answer was 3-4 weeks. That is 3-4 weeks of wasted time and salary for your sales and marketing staff if they are waiting all that time to have their tools fixed.

Optimization is Better than “Set it and forget it”

This is a very common theme. It is easy to fall into a routine of thinking “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” but if you are paying for a tool it should be optimized for best results.

Our solution is to provide our clients with tools that fit their employees, process, budget and sales flow. Remember that CRM and MA solutions are not “set it and forget it” tools. Solutions need to be tweaked to make sure they are serving your employees, and your business, as well as they can. Rather than hiring a full-time employee, we work as needed throughout the year — our goal is to help roadmap your trajectory and give you the tools to be successful on your own, creating long-term value.

Published by Rich Rutherford on 04-01-2019


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