Do One Thing in 2018 and Make it Count

I’m not going to hit with 5, 7, 10 or 12 things you should try and implement or do in 2018. Nope not going to do it! Instead I’m going to hit you with one idea that at worst will at least get you thinking or perhaps laughing. My business partner and I started our company to help our clients do their sales and marketing more effectively through the use of automated technologies. After meeting we found that not only did we run over some of the same technology ad client landscapes we had some very similar experiences with our companies and clients. The funny or maybe sad thing is we still see and hear this from prospects and clients alike all too often.

What we hear may sound familiar to you as well. What we hear are things like “well that’s good enough”, “we’ve always done things that way”, “we don’t need any more leads we get plenty with word of mouth” or my personal favorite “we’re good, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. We hear these things all the time and to put it into context here are some of the situations or organizations that these verbal gems come from - they also might seem familiar.

We have met with and worked for companies that have good products or solutions with some solid and achievable sales and marketing goals. What we see is that their sales people are overwhelmed with CRM solutions that have become too complex, unwieldy, overloaded with bad data or just unused. Often times these companies will start with a CRM, then they’ll get some kind of phone software, to help with training and tracking, then they’ll add various business intelligence solutions to help uncover leads. Additionally their marketing teams are not aligned with sales which becomes obvious when hearing from sales that the leads they get are crap! Too many times to count we see companies apply an equally impressive amount of marketing automation solutions before they even know what and who they are targeting.

We also see and hear from executives who often spend their time telling their team how great they were or see them arguing over how to do things with their respective sales or marketing counterpart. Go higher or laterally up these executive chains and we see the sames thing a lot of activity with little actual productivity. We see that or you may have experienced this one the companies that love to have meetings which often have some good next steps other than meetings to discuss this last meeting followed by a meeting to discuss why we didn’t do anything from that first meeting and who’s to blame.

So the one thing I’ll challenge you with for 2018 dear reader is to change, challenge or fail this year. Whether you’re an executive or a grunt on the front lines of sales and marketing try any one of these things this year.

Change, change is not a four letter word and you might just be surprised that it leads to something good or great. Change how you approach things in your day to day and look to simplify. Change how you communicate with your team, your leaders or your subordinates. Change the types of solutions you are using or at minimum change how you look at them or their effectiveness. Change your messaging, change your approach to your market and competition, change your lunch schedule, okay you get it.

Challenge, like I wrote above challenge yourself to change, challenge your team, your executives and your company. Challenge the status quo or better yet look to change the status quo. If you just give yourself one challenge every week whether that’s to hit a sales number, a marketing goal or if it’s as simple as taking the time to get to know a coworker it will make things more interesting and i’ll bet more beneficial for you and the people around you.

Last one here and hey these all tie in a bit but learn to fail. If you’ve ever been skiing or snowboarding my first teacher noticed I got frustrated when I kept falling and he said “hey if you’re not falling you’re not trying”. I later applied this to sales where I fail everyday, it’s what I do with those failures which is to learn and grow from them.

So with the overall theme here is mix it up, don’t be afraid to change, challenge or fail in 2018. If you do you might just see a better, faster, stronger you this year, wait is that the 6 million dollar man mantra?

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