Don't Fall Into the "It's Good Enough" Trap

When we have discussions with prospective clients about their current path to achieving goals, we are often told that their tools, strategies and progress are “good enough.” This phrase honestly makes us cringe. We wonder if companies like this are a good fit for a consulting firm to work with, because it makes them seem complacent. This mindset can be lethal to improvement and growth; companies like this are often resistant to change and offering advice can be futile. However, it can be a challenging and rewarding challenge to help such companies identify and implement a better path to achieving their goals.

It Starts at the Top

Why does this phrase or belief of “it’s good enough,” arise in businesses so often? In our experience, we have found this kind of attitude originates from the foundation of the company: from the founders, executives and presidents. These leaders are like the coaches of a team if they allow employees to cut corners and do not place importance on innovation and improvement, then a “it’s good enough” attitude is often the result. So how can you turn things around.

How to Fix It

Consider enlisting the help of outside experts. Utilizing a third-party can take out some of the emotionality of decision making within a company, and you can benefit from their expertise. Second, take a look at your business process from the ground up; what tools are you using and what kind of environment is your team working in? Is it just good enough or could it be better? We advocate for the clear path to sales and marketing, and these are the cornerstone pieces to successful companies. If you don’t have the foundation in place to perform at your best, then your offerings cannot be at their best either.

Published by Rich Rutherford on 10-30-2018


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