How Selling Has Changed

The sales industry has significantly evolved over the last few decades, and is continually doing so. Is your organization prepared to keep up and compete in this ever-changing landscape?

Long gone are the days of cold calls and knocking on doors in the hopes of meeting new prospects and clients. In today’s world people are bombarded with sales pitches all day through our constant exposure to the media and social networks. Everyone’s attention is spread very thin, between multiple devices, networks and news outlets. Professionals are exposed to this overabundance of noise and clutter every day, in addition to events, meetings and seminars. It can be a lot to take in.

Taking Your Sales to Hyperdrive

In the midst of all this, how can salespeople stand out in this hyperactive environment? Well, we say fight fire with fire: turn on the hyperdrive for your sales activities.

Too often we see companies operating inefficiently for multiple reasons. Some of them make use of marketing automation or a CRM, but they are not set-up or managed properly. Conversely, we see other clients who use these two tools and then also use every other tool you can think of. This may sound like a great idea, but imagine being given access to Salesforce, Hoovers, LinkedIn, Evernote, Expensify all the while being tied in with Slack. Sounds awesome having all of these tools at your disposal right? Okay well let’s add on Hubspot, Pardot or Marketo to the mix and you should be able to sit back and leads will come to you and sales should be a snap.

These tools can work wonders, if they are used properly. You need to consider if they are the most prudent choice for your needs and company. If you choose to use several tools, you need to ensure that they are working in synch for your team. Otherwise time and money is just being wasted on the tools.

Tune Up Your Tools - Test & Adjust as Needed

Have you taken the time to test the products you have implemented? Have you learned how to use them properly, and determined if they work well together? More often than not, implementing technologies and ensuring their efficiency takes more effort beyond downloading and activating the system. Your team may need to take extra steps or complete tutorials to properly utilize the tools. Additionally, you should examine the goals and expectations that you have for these tools. Are you reaching them? If you haven’t taken the time to test, review, understand and pre-implement these solutions, then your employees world is likely much more cluttered than it needs to be.

What Can You Do Today?

So what can you do? We suggest creating a blend of an old-school sales approach and a proper use of modern technology. This includes helping your company clean up the clutter and reduce the useless noise in their sales activities. The question that you need to answer to do this is: what does it take for us to close a deal from start to finish?

We are not software developers nor are we looking to sell you software, technology or apps. We are experts in sales,marketing strategy and solutions. We enjoy helping our clients choose the right sales and marketing tools for their specific goals.

Published by Rich Rutherford on 11-14-2018


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