Is Marketing Automation Impersonal?

Many people believe that marketing automation is cold and impersonal.

This is not true. Marketing automation allows business owners to send personalized, targeted messages. Most marketing automation software, such as Marketo, Pardot, or Silverpop gives the marketing team the ability to focus on the quality of the messages and the campaign. When the software collects data on a prospective customer's interests and goals, the company can tailor future offers for each customer, making them more relevant, thus providing a personal experience.

The goal of most marketing automation software companies is to make marketing more personal. There are a few ways that they can achieve this goal.

  1. Marketing platform: Software companies take an impersonal marketing platform and create a behavior-based platform. The software will capture the data from many sources, to create interaction in real time.
  2. Marketing automation: This software will automate personalized interactions. It allows business owners to deliver highly relevant and meaningful messages to customers.
  3. Email marketing: Marketing automation software allows business owners to stop random email blasts, and send more personal, relevant, timed messages. These messages will be sent to users based on their recent browsing behavior and their preferences.
  4. Mobile customer engagement: Most software programs provide a suite to make adding mobile to other digital channels, simple.

What is the point of marketing, if you are sending the same information to every customer in every demographic? The information that you send will likely resonate with just a small percent of these potential customers. When you use marketing automation, you can make sure that each potential customer receives information directed toward him or her, judging by what they are reading, sharing, and doing on your website.

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