Is Your Sales Process on a Solid Foundation?

Most of the companies we meet with have sales and marketing as the lifeblood of their business, acquiring, nurturing, and closing new customers is how they grow their business. Unfortunately many of these companies have not taken a hard look at the foundation of what makes sales effective and efficient, they don’t know if the foundation is solid or are they sitting on shaky ground.

We like to work with our clients across their people, process, and technology to ensure they have the right foundation in place to achieve their sales and marketing goals. Even before we start with those three key pieces though, we ask about the data they have and are collecting, because the data is the mortar that holds the foundation together. You can have great people, a smooth process, and the right technology but none of it matters if you don’t have good data for each of those foundational pieces.

When we start working with a new client the data is where we start and here are a few key items we look at to determine if the data is good.

  1. Integrity of the data, where did it originate, is it current and is it relevant?
  2. Standardization of the data so that everyone in the organization is using the same language and formats. This provides the ability to create automations with confidence, and that search results are complete when looking through the systems.
  3. Reporting, with good data integrity and standards confidence in reporting is raised, consistent measurement can be achieved, and clear insight into performance is possible.
  4. These simple steps allow sales and marketing to focus on their respective jobs with confidence and provides a clear path to selling efficiently and effectively.

Published by Rich Rutherford on 08-23-2018


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