It is Time for a Tune Up

You should have a specialist tune up or fix your sales and marketing technology investments.

A lot of our clients, or I should say a lot of our prospects, believe that they are already using solutions that are “good enough”. They say this because they may have been the ones who made the decision to purchase or license the CRM or marketing automation tools for their team. It might be because the executive team made the purchase and we all know their not the ones who have to use it every day, and we all know they don’t deal with things such as setting it up or managing it. These are just a couple of reasons why many prospects we meet say “it is good enough” or don’t don’t see the benefit of an outside expert evaluation.

A Tune Requires an Experienced Mechanic

Let’s ask a different question, if you want the best for yourself and your clients then why not ensure that the tools you are using for you and your team are just that, the best or the best they can be?

Here’s an analogy that should help paint a better picture. Keep in mind that we are talking about the tools a company uses for sales and marketing specifically software solutions. Companies purchase these with the intent or belief that once they’ve made these purchases it’s going to help their people work more efficiently and help drive them to the next level.

We all use automobiles, so think about your CRM and marketing automation investments as the car that drives the business. Maybe back in the day you could actually get under the hood of your car and change the oil or if you were pretty good maybe even give it a tune up. Today when I open my hood all I see is a big piece of plastic covering the whole thing. So if you’re like me or most of us and when your car is not performing its best who do you take it to? Do you take it to your CIO because he’s gotta know what to do, “he’s a tech guy”? Do you take it to your accountant because hey “their analytical they can figure this out”? Maybe you take it to your 25 year old new sales guy who says he knows how to fix your CRM?

Focused Experience Leads to Success

Well these all sound like easy options, yet the fact is that they most likely don’t have the expertise to fix your problems. More importantly, if you have them working on this then they’re not doing the jobs they were hired to do, and what if they set it up in a way that makes sense to them but does not fit what your people actually need? In the automotive example here the answer is you take it to a mechanic and sometimes a specialized mechanic for your transmission, brakes, radiator or ignition. So like your car, you should have a specialist tune up or fix your sales and marketing technology investments, tune them to run efficiently and effectively for you and your team.

Published by Rich Rutherford on 09-26-2018


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