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All companies that sell products or services should strive to sell smarter. Selling smarter is about taking advantage of today’s sales and marketing tools and managing them appropriately. There are infinite technological solutions for sales and marketing in each industry, and it is critical to make the most of them.

We encounter many companies that have not aligned their sales and marketing departments through the use of these tools. Doing do is one simple and effective way to bridge the gap between sales and marketing. By taking the steps to ensure they are aligned, they will both automatically be more in line with your company’s goals.

Act on these 3 simple steps to align your sales and marketing teams:

  1. Ask the same question to both sales and marketing - are their goals in line with each other, and do they help us achieve the company’s goals?
  2. Before purchasing, building or licensing software or technology, make sure it can help satisfy all the goals in question #1.
  3. Whatever technology solution you decide to use, make sure you know if it’s scalable and what it takes to monitor, manage and expand.

Following these three simple steps will make both your sales and marketing teams work more effectively together and more efficiently overall, all driving to better bottom line results.

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