Let Your Salespeople Sell!

Don't burden your teams with activities that shift their focus away from closing deals.

We work with all types of clients and we help them work their sales process more efficiently. When we work with our clients we like to talk with everyone who is selling and learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of the sales process and the tools they find most useful. Often we learn that not only are the processes simple, but the technology solutions implemented to facilitate the process actually impede the process. Additionally, sales teams are spending hours a week in meetings learning how to set up their tools and how to use their tools.

Proper Onboarding is Not Optional

Here is a summary of a typical onboarding across several companies I have worked with in my career. I am providing an aggregated example because the pain was not an isolated case, but common across many organizations.

  • A laundry list of sales tools available to use, all the logins and passwords associated with each tool or platform resulting in two full pages of passwords and logins, but no insight or understanding of how these tools integrate and data flows or how they enable me to be a better salesperson.
  • A list of required sales activity reports, often requiring me to recreate my activities for the week to enter into a spreadsheet, manual data entry that could have been avoided if proper reporting was set-up in the CRM.
  • Contact records in the CRM that required more fields than not, none of which were pre-populated based on known information or sometimes even relevant to the contact. One company required filling in several fields regarding the contacts role and level in an organization before I could enter any notes regarding my interaction with the prospect.
  • The enforced usage of all tools at my disposal because the company had invested in them, so use them even if they are not assisting with closing deals.

All of these activities took my focus away from prospecting and focusing on qualified prospects, the reason I was hired in the first place. As a manager my focus was to avoid these situations entirely and make sure my teams had a clear path to selling, if it isn’t improving prospecting or closing it isn’t required. I simplified process to focus on entering data once, automating data population where possible, providing qualified leads to my teams, and automating common reporting required to track activity, pipeline, forecasts, and close rates.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

I have found this simplification or “clear path selling” approach to be highly effective in driving better results for the organization. A few key things that make this approach work are:

  • Arm your teams with the tools to make them great at closing deals, but don’t burden them with systems they don’t need, or entering information that is not relevant at the time or can be automated.

  • Work with your marketing teams to ensure you are providing qualified prospects with the information your sales team needs to make them a customer.

  • Automate routine tasks, avoid entering information about a prospect, customer or activity more than once, integrate your platforms to make this a reality.

If you manage sales teams I hope this resonates with you and you are able to enable your teams without overburdening with activities that shift their focus away from closing deals. Let your salespeople sell.

Published by Rich Rutherford on 12-22-2017


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