Like a Driver Without a Car

Where should you start when you are working in the process of Clear Path sales and marketing?

Where should you start when you are working in the process of Clear Path sales and marketing? Most people like to do the fun stuff first, or more specifically the creative stuff. I can’t say I blame them because it is indeed exciting to think about the messages, images, videos or content that is going to appeal to your prospective customer base. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “first things first,” well in the case of developing your sales and marketing foundation...let’s tackle first things first.

Building a Car Starts with the Frame

Many of our clients and and prospects have told us they have been scammed by sales or marketing consultants. The most common example of this kind of scamming is that the sales and marketing consultants promoted doing the fun stuff first: they told clients that their companies needed a blog, a logo, advertisements or improved pitching skills. While these are all important things in sales and marketing, establishing these aspects of business before laying the more critical groundwork is like having drivers without giving them a car to drive. Everyone wants to drive or pick out the cool, fun car but if you don’t have the car then what’s the point of having the fun loving drivers?

We focus on building a fully functional foundation, the car, first. We do reach the phase of focusing on the fun stuff like logos and advertisements, and some of that planning does begin at the starting point, but it is not fully implemented until the foundation is complete.

Your Car Frame Needs Proper Alignment

This entails working with sales first, understanding the process, flow and current challenges. Then we develop a foundation and process for the CRM to be aligned with the company’s unique needs and goals. Once we have established a place for these prospects to live, be nurtured, managed and moved through the sales funnel, then we can focus on marketing. Marketing should be supportive of sales and aligned with their targets, goals and needs. These marketing drivers are then in a position to feed sales and the CRM appropriately.

Your Car is Unique to You

Each company has a different and unique set of needs and goals; when implementing sales and marketing solutions the car should always come before the driver. More specifically, the car should be developed with the drivers, salespeople and marketing drivers in mind, which are like fuel for the car. If you want to build a world class car then take the time to do it right and your drivers will be all too happy to get behind the wheel.

Published by Rich Rutherford on 10-11-2018


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