Tales of the Trade Show - Worrisome Comments

We have been attending small local events ranging from 20-30 people and a few sponsors, as well as larger specialized shows with thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors. This “tale from the trade show” is all about quotes we heard from various companies, in various industries ranging from retail and manufacturing to automotive and technology. We mainly spoke with executives at these events: VPs of Sales, VPs of Marketing, CMOs, CROs and COOs.

Here are some of the most worrisome statements we heard. Do these sales and marketing mistakes make you raise your eyebrows, or are you currently in the same place as the professionals we encountered?

“Our company has plenty of business.”

“We get all of our business from word of mouth.”

“Our social media department handles all of our sales and marketing support.”

“Our sales people would never use a solution like a CRM.”

“We keep track of all of our existing clients and prospects.” How? “We have their business cards.”

“What we’re using is good enough.”

“We don’t need to promote ourselves, everyone knows us and as such we have too much business.”

“We use Mailchimp as our MA solution.”

“We use Excel and Microsoft Outlook as our CRM and we track everything from there.”

All of these comments are red flags, especially if you have overheard anyone in your company saying something like this. If any executive thinks that their company has “too much” or “enough” business, the company will eventually be headed for failure.

Although gaining business through word of mouth positive recommendations is a great reflection of your company, what will happen to your business if that ever slows down or stops? What happens when a competitor comes along that is better, cheaper, or faster? Maintaining a process for gaining prospects and clients, and monitoring that growth, is the only way to set proper goals for your company and reach them as well.

Published by Rich Rutherford on 04-08-2019


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