Unique Challenges for B2B Organizations Sales & Marketing Teams

Aligning sales and marketing teams at B2B companies can be challenging.

The sales cycle is often time consuming, more decision makers need to be involved, and the tools required to connect the two groups need to be integrated and configured to serve both departments.

The Sales Cycle

When dealing with a lengthy sales cycle, the sales team needs to spend time developing relationships, navigating prospects, and leading them towards a purchasing decision. This means that marketing should be focused on quality rather than quantity; even though this can be seen as in conflict with individual department goals. Openly communicating about goals is the first step in overcoming this challenge and establishing a plan that will work for everyone. Implementing “account based” marketing and sales can be an effective strategy for aligning teams.

Nurturing the Right Prospects

Navigating a prospects’ organization to identify decision makers is a key element to successful B2B sales: this ensures that time is spent with the individuals who have the authority to make purchases. This is also an opportunity for account based marketing to do the heavy lifting by using prospecting programs that focus on specific titles, departments, and seniority within an organization. This should also include targeted messaging, activity tracking, and scoring to ensure that the sales team is efficiently spending their time pursuing relationships with the proper prospects at the most opportune time.

The Right Tools, Not All the Tools

The tools that make this possible are key to the success of overcoming the challenges faced by B2B companies. The tools should ensure that quality data is being collected that is necessary for sales and automations are being utilized to reduce data entry time. Having this information flow seamlessly back and forth between the two groups makes both teams more effective: sales will have the information they need to pursue prospects, and marketing learns which information with worth gathering through evaluating wins and losses.

Addressing these three key points is important if companies want to generate revenue efficiently and effectively, and provide maximum return on time and technology investments. Clear alignment through common goals and technology allow companies to incrementally invest in areas that will provide a clear sales ROI for their business.

Published by William Flaiz on 10-23-2018


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