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Without clear insight into you forecast 30-60-90 days out, you can't effectively manage your business. Having a clear picture of your pipeline is just as important as knowing what deals will close when, understanding your pipeline allows you to make the adjustments you need to have impact later. Knowing the cost of sales is just as important, so tracking sales activity and marketing is required to understand how to appropriately allocate resources.


We can help you gain the accurate financial insights you need by:
  • Define your sales funnel and the key stages of progression that span prospect to customer
  • Automate the data collection and tracking mechanisms required to monitor each funnel stage
  • Guide marketing on how to appropriately attribute campaign costs to leads generated
  • Integrate activity tracking into your process without adding non-productive activity to your sales team
  • Create insightful sales reporting that provides insight into revenue and costs real-time with accurate data
  • Establish a continuous improvement and refinement cycle between finance, sales, and marketing



With accurate and timely forecasting and cost data, you will benefit in the following ways.

  • You will have accurate intelligence on your revenue forecasts in real-time.

  • You will clearly understand the timing of the sales cycle and associated costs.

  • Your teams will know the impact they have on driving business real-time.



Through process improvement in data collection and reporting, you will see the following benefits.

  • Routine data collection processes will be automated, reducing errors, improving accuracy.

  • Process refinements can be implemented supported by data, not just a hunch.

  • Routine activities will be automated, reducing administrative sales time, improving close rates.



By optimizing your current technology to work for your teams and processes, you will see the following benefits.

  • Your technology investments will drive value to finance, sales, and marketing.

  • Real-time reporting across your pipeline will reduce manual effort and provide time for analysis.

  • Reports will be automated for review and delivery to those who need to know.


We also offer services that will optimize the effectiveness of your marketing and sales team integration, and we can help you understand the impact of the effort your marketing programs are having on sales

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