Marketing & Sales Optimization

Effective sales organizations have teams that are focused on selling, and optimally starting with highly qualified leads from marketing. This means quality over quantity, this also means having your teams see value from the CRM and marketing automation investments you have made.


We work with your teams to bring this all together by:
  • Develop strategic plan for programs to ensure maximum effect of tactics across channel
  • Identify touch points of impact for sales across marketing channels, campaigns, and website
  • Define lead qualification criteria with buy-in from sales and marketing
  • Track impact points that assist in closing sales, and a nurturing flow to support prospect progression
  • Track lead to sales timing and tasks to optimize sales efforts and time
  • Develop strategy and plan for lead nurturing to ensure leads engage with impact touch points



By having your sales and marketing teams communicate more effectively, you will benefit in the following ways.

  • Your sales team will focus more time on selling, and less time on data entry.

  • Marketing will develop campaigns based on known sales generating impact touchpoints.

  • You will replace quantity with quality, focusing your teams on what they do best.



Through process improvement in how sales and marketing interact you will see the following benefits.

  • Automations will focus more time on selling, less time on data entry.

  • Buying journey trigger points will alert sales, intelligence will decrease the sales cycle.

  • Your sales and marketing teams will learn, refine, and continously improve their effectiveness.



By optimizing your current technology to work for your teams and processes, you will see the following benefits.

  • You will see greater adoption of technology investments, they will add value, not work.

  • Data gathering will become more automated, leading to more consistent, accurate, and timely information.

  • Sales cycles will decrease with better qualifications, insights, and qualification criteria.


We also offer services that will provide your organization with clear insight into the cost of generating sales and accurate revenue forecasting, as well as the impact of your marketing efforts are having on generating sales.

Marketing & Sales Optimization

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