Sales and Marketing Optimization

We help organizations achieve their goals through efficient and effective use of their sales and marketing technology investments.

Many technology solutions are bought and set up with the intent to make sales, marketing, and communications more efficient. The truth is they are often not set-up or configured correctly, making them difficult to use and manage.


80% of sales require
5 follow-up calls after the initial meeting.

44% of salespeople
give up after the first call.

How We Can Help You

Marketing & Sales Optimization

If your sales and marketing teams are not communicating then they are ineffective, and so is your business. We bring our sales and marketing expertise to our clients to eliminate these inefficiencies and provide a guide for ongoing success.

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Financial Insights

Do you know how much it costs to close a sale? How long is your sales cycle? How accurate is your revenue forecast? We answer all of these questions and more in an automated report so you can manage, coach, plan, and forecast your efforts more efficiently and accurately.

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Impact of Efforts

How much of each dollar your marketing team spends on their campaigns impacts closing a sale? What elements of your marketing programs are key to closing sales? We can help you know the direct impact each part of your marketing efforts are having on your sales.

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How We Work With You

  • Assess the Situation - BLSG

    Assess the Situation

    Unlike many of our competitors we do not charge for this step. We want to meet with prospective clients to identify their needs and challenges. In this step we ask questions about your goals, your strategy and plan, what technology solutions you are using and how. Through this we will be able to honestly assess if you are a good fit for our services.

  • Determine the Fit - BLSG

    Determine the Fit

    If both parties agree that it is indeed a good fit we will provide you with a scope of work statement. Within this statement we will outline all of the deliverables our client partner will receive. It will also show the cost and payment schedule which will cover the hourly rates for our specialist team members needed to get the work done. We will also provide you with a details and requirements of how we work, example timelines,  and what can be expected from Bottom Line Strategy Group.

  • Deliver the Plan - BLSG

    Deliver the Plan

    Once the partnership agreement is signed we will provide you with a more detailed SOW with agreed upon deliverables and an agreed upon timeline  - then we get to work for you!

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If you’re implementing sales with marketing automation for the first time, replacing an existing system, or enhancing and customizing your CRM or Marketing Automation platforms, we can deliver strategic guidance and implementation services.

Our clients can expect a comprehensive needs assessment followed by a tailored strategic overview based on initial and long term needs and goals.

We focus on defining and implementing the right solutions for your organization.

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