The team at Bottom Line Strategy Group has been involved with sales and marketing for many years and like to share our ideas, perspectives, and insights about what we have experienced, what we have seen work or not work, and insights on how to apply this experience to your business.

Don't Fall Into the "It's Good Enough" Trap


This phrase honestly makes us cringe. We wonder if companies like this are a good fit for a consulting firm to work with, because it makes them seem complacent. This mindset can be lethal to improvement and growth; companies like this are often resistant to change and offering advice can be futile. However, it can be a challenging and rewarding challenge to help such companies identify and impleme... read more

Being Cost Efficient While Generating Revenue


Many companies struggle to keep their costs efficient and simultaneously grow their revenue. This is often due to inefficiencies by the company leaders; they are likely making choices based on what they’ve been taught or have learned, but this does not mean that they are still the most prudent choices. Let’s take a closer look at that last sentence—things taught or learned. Envir... read more

Unique Challenges for B2B Organizations Sales & Marketing Teams


The Sales Cycle When dealing with a lengthy sales cycle, the sales team needs to spend time developing relationships, navigating prospects, and leading them towards a purchasing decision. This means that marketing should be focused on quality rather than quantity; even though this can be seen as in conflict with individual department goals. Openly communicating about goals is the first step in ove... read more

Do You Know What Is Really Driving Your Sales?


Obviously, this can be a problem. How does a company ensure that it's putting its resources behind the most effective channels and interactions when it's not even sure what those are? This is where attribution comes in. Attribution is the science of assigning value to each marketing touch point -- determining which interactions had the greatest influence on customer conversion. In short, it allows... read more

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