The team at Bottom Line Strategy Group has been involved with sales and marketing for many years and like to share our ideas, perspectives, and insights about what we have experienced, what we have seen work or not work, and insights on how to apply this experience to your business.

Activity Without Productivity - What is Lily-Padding?


If your employees have a clear, focused goal in mind, then their productivity should be high. That being said, employees in all types of roles can seem like they are actively working, though not being productive and efficient. Lily-Padding the Day Away Personally, I have realized that I need to adjust my work habits because I try to do too much. This activity is called “lily-padding,” ... read more

Like a Driver Without a Car


Where should you start when you are working in the process of Clear Path sales and marketing? Most people like to do the fun stuff first, or more specifically the creative stuff. I can’t say I blame them because it is indeed exciting to think about the messages, images, videos or content that is going to appeal to your prospective customer base. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase &... read more

It is Time for a Tune Up


A lot of our clients, or I should say a lot of our prospects, believe that they are already using solutions that are “good enough”. They say this because they may have been the ones who made the decision to purchase or license the CRM or marketing automation tools for their team. It might be because the executive team made the purchase and we all know their not the ones who have to use... read more

Personalized Marketing Through Automation is Possible


Watch our presentation on how to leverage the information you have an collect on your prospects and customers to deliver a personalized communication stream to them. Be relevant when they need you. Slides hosted on SlideShare.... read more

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