The team at Bottom Line Strategy Group has been involved with sales and marketing for many years and like to share our ideas, perspectives, and insights about what we have experienced, what we have seen work or not work, and insights on how to apply this experience to your business.

What Does Account-Based Marketing And Selling Mean?


What is account-based marketing (ABM)? Using traditional marketing methods, marketers measure the success of a campaign by how many leads are generated. The obvious shortcoming, though, is that a majority of those leads will not result in a profitable relationship. With ABM, the focus shifts to how many of your target accounts actually progress through the sales cycle. Here are the three essential... read more

What Does Clear Path Selling™ Mean?


So what does Clear Path Selling™ mean? In the simplest terms it means providing an environment for sales to be conducted with the least amount of obstacles and non-sales related tasks possible, thus providing a clear path. You want your sales teams focused on selling, renewals and closing new business, it is why you hired them. Why should this concept be of interest to you? Because sales is ... read more

Marketing and Sales Teams Must Be Aligned At All Times


There are many ways to look at this challenge, but I will focus on one situation that I have seen dozens of times at companies that I have worked for or worked with as a consultant. The biggest and most common challenge is when marketing and sales do not work together. At too many companies, sales and marketing departments simply do not communicate or know what the other team is doing. Why is this... read more

How Much Does It Cost to Close a Deal?


This is a question that could be answered in many ways because each company has their own way attributing costs associated with sales. I am not going to give you an answer, or a spreadsheet to calculate the answer, but will provide insight into costs that are often overlooked to help you identify what your real costs might be. How much does it cost to hire a salesperson? There are many pieces to t... read more

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