Tales of the Trade Show - Worrisome Comments


We have been attending small local events ranging from 20-30 people and a few sponsors, as well as larger specialized shows with thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors. This “tale from the trade show” is a... read more

Advantages Of Using A Consultant For Sales And Marketing Tools


If you use a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) or marketing automation solution, you may have an employee or several employees who manage and maintain them. It is easy to fall into a routine — when was the la... read more

How To Determine The Right CRM And Marketing Automation For SMBs


Written by William Flaiz and originally published on on February 11, 2019.As a growing number of businesses focus on gathering and using relevant data to gain true insights into their customers' needs and buyi... read more

Sales and Marketing Tools Can Help Make or Break Your Company


There are literally hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to a CRM and Marketing Automation solutions. If you don't use any of them you are making things a hell of a lot harder than they need to be, and not pr... read more

AI for Optimizing Deals, Forecasting and Automating Routine Tasks


Written by William Flaiz and originally published on on December 5, 2018.At Bottom Line Strategy Group we work with a range of clients from small businesses using CRM and marketing automation software for the ... read more

Don’t Be Part of the 79% Who Fall Behind


We have found that small, seemingly insignificant inefficiencies often add up and cause a detrimental loss of potential revenue. These inefficiencies can include having too many meetings, spending too much time crafting ... read more

How Can AI Aid Prospecting & Sales?


Written by William Flaiz and originally published on on November 5, 2018.Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two buzzwords that are thrown around a lot in the world of sales. Particularly in the r... read more

Small Business Advice


There are many tools available that were made specifically for the needs of small businesses. These include customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tools (MA). When applied properly they significa... read more

Learn to Sell Smarter


All companies that sell products or services should strive to sell smarter. Selling smarter is about taking advantage of today’s sales and marketing tools and managing them appropriately. There are infinite technologic... read more

How Selling Has Changed


The sales industry has significantly evolved over the last few decades, and is continually doing so. Is your organization prepared to keep up and compete in this ever-changing landscape?Long gone are the days of cold cal... read more

Don't Fall Into the "It's Good Enough" Trap


When we have discussions with prospective clients about their current path to achieving goals, we are often told that their tools, strategies and progress are “good enough.” This phrase honestly makes us cringe. We w... read more

Being Cost Efficient While Generating Revenue


Companies seek to generate revenue while monitoring their bottom line; this is not a ground-breaking concept, but it is a simple fact that should be considered when creating budgets and financial goals. Many companies st... read more

Unique Challenges for B2B Organizations Sales & Marketing Teams


The sales cycle is often time consuming, more decision makers need to be involved, and the tools required to connect the two groups need to be integrated and configured to serve both departments.The Sales CycleWhen deali... read more

Do You Know What Is Really Driving Your Sales?


Written by William Flaiz and originally published on on September 20, 2018. Marketers are experts in raising brand awareness and guiding customers through the sales funnel by using a variety of channels, touch... read more

Activity Without Productivity - What is Lily-Padding?


Evaluating the activity and productivity of your employees is a reliable indicator of how well they understand the purpose of their role and goals of your company. If your employees have a clear, focused goal in mind, th... read more

Like a Driver Without a Car


Where should you start when you are working in the process of Clear Path sales and marketing? Most people like to do the fun stuff first, or more specifically the creative stuff. I can’t say I blame them because it is ... read more

It is Time for a Tune Up


A lot of our clients, or I should say a lot of our prospects, believe that they are already using solutions that are “good enough”. They say this because they may have been the ones who made the decision to purchase ... read more

Is Your Sales Process on a Solid Foundation?


Most of the companies we meet with have sales and marketing as the lifeblood of their business, acquiring, nurturing, and closing new customers is how they grow their business. Unfortunately many of these companies have ... read more

What Does GDPR Mean for Sales Prospecting?


Written by William Flaiz and originally published on on June 8, 2018.In today's online economy, personal data is one of the most valuable resources a company can acquire. Every website you visit, search you co... read more

Account Based Marketing & Selling - What Does it Mean?


The sales ecosystem is always changing, and businesses seem to constantly be adopting new approaches and philosophies in order to maintain their competitive edge. While account-based selling is not a new concept for most... read more



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